About Us

  • The Clan of Bhataras who belong to Punjab have been charitable in their own way since ages. The teachings we got were through observing our ancestors and their sermons to us. I, Triloki Bhatara started dreaming about helping the underprivileged, infirm and those who do not have the wherewithal for realizing their dreams.

  • The teaching of our ancestors are now prompting us to do some work, selflessly for this underprivileged lot in whatever little way we can. I would like to name a few of my ancestors who played an important role in shaping my thought process. They are,Shri Chiranji Ram Bhatara, my grandfather, my uncle, Shri HansRaj Bhatara, my parents, Shri Yogal Kishor and Smt Indira Bhatara and my elder brother Shri Manohar Lal Bhatara. Not to forget my father-in-law Pt. Durga Parshad Prinja and mother-in-law Smt Krishna Kumari. Unfortunately, all those named above are no more with us.

  • After serving the Indian Air Force for over 28 years, I decided to settle down in Pune. After retirement, my dream of starting an NGO started gaining strength. In the meantime, I started supporting some NGOs and Individuals financially as well as through ideas and discussions. However, I did not gather enough courage to launch a project on my own. Since 2008 till 2014, I was empanelled as National Level Monitor [NLM] with Ministry of Rural Development. This helped me gain an insight into the conditions in rural India and into the working of various Central Government Schemes for the rural people. During this period as NLM, I visited many districts of over 7 States for 10-12 days visit to each district. This exposure prompted me to focus my thoughts towards the upliftment of rural population of India.

  • Here I am thankful to my wife and co-director, Dr [Mrs] Renu Bhatara who encouraged me and supported me at every stage till one day in February 2017, we decided to launch our own NGO. Support of our children Abhishek, Akanksha and Gautam has also to be acknowledged. With advice and professional help, we were able to finally and formally register our NGO "Bhatara Rural Development Foundation" [BRDF for short], under Section 8 of Indian Companies Act 2013. The BRDF was registered at Pune on 19 April 2017.