Mission Statement

Development of Human beings, Animals and Plants to make the Earth a better place to Live on.

The Mission of BRDF is:

  1. To propagate & promote activities for Social, Educational, Economic and Cultural Development of People.

  2. Educational Advancement, Training & Skills Development for job Employment and Livelihood Skills.

  3. Education and Solutions for Health, Hygiene and Cleanliness of Humans, Livestock, other Organisms, Domestic Animals etc.

  4. Setting up of Job Creation Organisations for Production of Goods and Support Facilities.

  5. To Assist, Support and Promote Orphanages, Widow and Old Age Homes etc.

  6. To create Technical, Scientific, Agricultural and other Institutes for Human Welfare, Promotion of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Products, Cottage and Small Scale Industries, which can act as Motivation and Helping Hand for poor, old, infirm, destitutes etc.

  7. To undertake Activities for Promotion of and Generation of Alternate Sources of Energy through Tidal Waves, Wind, Solar, Geo-thermal, Biological, Biogas and Coal Bed Methane technologies.